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Loan Purposes

American 1st Home Loans offers a variety of loan programs. Perhaps you might be looking for your first home, an investment home or even a second/vacation home. Maybe you just need to only refinance your existing mortgage into a lower fixed rate or refinance your mortgage while consolidating other high interest loans/lines. American 1st Home Loans can help you along the way with a variety of different loan programs to tailor fit your financial needs and most importantly get you the best rate with a fast closing!

First Time Home Buyer Programs:

American 1st Home Loans offers First Time Home Buyer programs! Take advantage of various programs to leverage your loan options. There are various types of First Time Home Buyer programs, American 1st Home Loans will assist you along the way with determine what program/product better fits your needs which maximizes your purchase optimization.

Conforming & Jumbo Conventional, FHA and VA Programs:

American 1st Home Loans will assist you with various home loan programs. Whether you are needing a Jumbo Loan or a Conventional to a FHA Loan we can assist you along the way! We also offer VA loans. Contact American 1st Home Loans to go over the best option for your home loan needs.

Investment Property Programs:

American 1st Home Loans can assist you with your Investment Property Loan. We typically offer a lower down-payment program than traditional banks through our wholesale lenders which allows you to invest and save more! An investment home is a great tool for tax deductibility, residual income and having a conservative rate of return of investment. Contact American 1st Home Loans to go over your investment property home loan options.
Real estate purchased for a vacation residence not only allows you to enjoy time away, but it also comes along with other potential benefits like tax deductions. Demand for vacation homes is expected to increase, further reason why this market is ideal to invest in a property you will hold onto for years.

Reducing your Interest rate & years

Reducing your mortgage payments helps your monthly budget and by lowering your interest rate this allows you to lower your monthly payment. We offer competitive rates in the wholesale mortgage industry and work hard in getting you the best deal! Another option is reducing your term that also allows a faster payoff and results in major savings on interest cost.

Fixed Rate Loans instead of Adjustable Rate Loans

At American 1st Home Loans we can assist you in refinancing your existing Adjustable Rate Mortgage “ARM” in placing it into a low Fixed Rate Loan. This allows for consistent principal and interest payments that will not adjust during the life of the loan. You can pick from a 10, 15, 20 or 30 Year Term Fixed Rate Mortgage. Contact us to assist you!

Refinancing with Cash-Out

Refinancing your home with a cash-out option is one of the best ways to consolidate credit cards, loans or any outstanding debt with higher rates. This allows the home owner to take out a home loan higher than their existing balance in order to consolidate other debt into a new loan. This option also allows a cash back feature which you can use other than paying off other debt such as remodeling your home. This loan is based on your home value and we mostly beat most traditional bank restrictions and requirements. Contact American 1st Home Loans to go over your options.

Home Improvement Loans

Why use your credit cards with Home Improvement Stores when you can take out a Home Improvement Cash out Loan at a lower interest rate. This is one of best ways if you’re looking to remodel that Kitchen, Restroom or the whole house. By doing this option you still have a fixed rate mortgage with only one payment vs. having multiple payments with various interest rates. This allows you to diversify and leverage your equity of your home which may also be tax deductible.

Vacation Home Loans

Looking to purchase a Vacation Home? We have programs for that. A second home used as a vacation home is typical and having the best available options when it comes to programs such as down-payment, interest rates and fast closings is where American 1st Home Loans can help!