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Thank You for interest in becoming an exclusive preferred Realtor with American 1st Home Loans. We understand that Realtors are busy and have a contracted closing date, American 1st Home Loans allows Realtors to leverage their time and business with our: Pre-Approval Home Financing Option Program. This programs provides buyers with various home financing options for best purchase maximization incorporating very competitive rates and closings.

What’s in it for you?

As a preferred Realtor with American 1st Home Loans we are able to provide borrowers with the best turn times in the mortgage industry on closings! American 1st Home Loans also offers very competitive rates with credit programs along with exclusive customer service. This provides Realtors more Real Estate focus time and allows American 1st Home Loans to provide a best closing experience. American 1st Home Loans understands time urgencies, rates, service and closings! & in return our Realtors meet contingency periods and closing times for added value of returned business.

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